Some of our Packaging Partners

Tablemate USA

  tablecovers, utensils, party supplies 


  gloves and personal protection items     

Sterno Pro

 chafing fuel and butane 

Specialty Quality Packaging

paper food boats

Fineline Settings

 disposable tableware and catering supplies 

D&W Fine Pack

containers, plates, cutlery. Straws, foil, bakery    


Paper bags for food service

Primelink Solutions

 eco-friendly bagasse plates and bowls, cups and cutlery  

Leaf Ware

  palm leaf disposable dinnerware     

Inline Plastics

  plastic containers and tamper proof containers    

Handi Foli

 aluminum foil rolls, pans and containers    

Elkay Plastics

poly bags


Paperboard Containers


 cups, containers, eco- friendly cups and containers 

Eco Bamboo Ware

 bamboo and palm leaf compostable dinnerware    

Dart Container

 containers, coffee cups, tableware   

Anchor Packaging

containers and films